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Darplay is the most fun thing you could possibly play ever. It‘s not actually a game. It‘s exciting, it‘s refreshing. It‘s made to maximize the delight of communication. Darplay is all about countless hours of quality time with family, friends and colleagues.

Darplay gives you a thrill in communication face to face. Whether it‘s sharing insights, hearing new interesting thoughts and experiences. Darplay is a long-distance journey. In everyday conversation we speak in short sentences, we interrupt each other and finish each other‘s sentences. With Darplay you enjoy the journey of expression. Speaking and listening to others, with empathy and understanding. Communication is everything. Everything.

Our Mission: Create instruments which balance participation and encourage the spirit of sharing and sense of community within the family, kindergarten, school, university, workplace.

Vision: Enable the sharing of every human being’s inner wisdom to build a better world.

Values: Empower peer to peer learning through communication in which everyone is heard, seen, and valued.

Darplay is an interactive game for developing communication skills, encouraging relaxed speaking and listening!  It engages both business and social groups to expand their interaction in thoughtful communication.  Darplay was created in 2009 by three Bulgarians.  Since its creation many people have been involved with the method.  It has powerful results in the fields of education, business, at health forums, conferences and workshops, corporate events, on television, and others.

Darplay Philosophy

When you discuss with a Bulgarian the difference between the words „podaruk“ and „dar“, both of which mean “gift” in English, you are told that the word “dar” is a more solemn gift – something almost ancient and biblical.  It is a very important gift.  This definition is quite appropriate for the Darplay game.  You also learn that the plural of “dar” is “darove” – which almost rhymes with Darplay.

Darplay can be used in a wide variety of situations to foster communication between parties.

The use of Darplay in meetings

If you talk too long, you get off track, you get off subject.  When you use the Darplay timer, you stay on track, you stay focused.  Have you ever been in a situation where someone walks in your office and says: “Have you got a minute?”  When that happens, take the timer that is sitting on your desk, turn it around, and say: “Here, you’ve got three.”

Have you ever been in meetings where one of the parties talks forever, without saying much, just because they like to hear the sound of their own voice?  You being polite, listen but deep down you are like: “Oh, my God, when is this person going to get to their point, or give me a chance to talk?”  Some people are good listeners, some people are good speakers, but Darplay regulates the time in a very democratic manner, that is easy to implement.

In a good meeting there is give and take, and everyone who is there to talk, gets a chance to do so.  Darplay gives a meeting a good organization, structure and productivity.  No time is wasted, no one is anxious.  There is a sense of peace, when everybody knows their turn to speak their mind will come.  Everyone is more willing to allow others to share the insights and facts they would like to.

The use of Darplay in conflict resolution

Have you ever felt like your voice is not being heard?  Then Darplay is for you.  Speak your mind.  Tell those around you how you really feel.

The other day there was a show on BBC about the problems that a group were having with the local authorities.  They felt that the local police did not understand their traditions and heritage.  This caused a lot of friction between them and the police.  What a wonderful opportunity to put Darplay to use to allow both parties to speak their mind so that both sides could come to better understanding of each other.

What people say about Darplay

– The method is interesting and useful.  It stimulates the expression of sincerity, tolerance, empathy in human relations.  The internal reflection which it brings in turn leads to better communication, provokes goodwill and desire to be helpful, to be oneself, or to change.

– The Darplay game is an interesting method of communication.  In a very short time I learned a lot about the others in the game.  We shared a lot of problems about secondary education and I dare to say that I made some conclusions that will certainly help me in my work.  The questions which we spoke about were also on interesting topics and this helped us to have fun, and also learn a lot about each other at the same time.

– The game is like therapy.  It helps one know their mind better.  For example, we experience fear ever day but we seldom talk about it and how to overcome it.  The game is very good for getting to know your friends.   There is no winner in this game which is good because you don’t strive to win and you reveal your true self.

– The game mobilizes the brain.  First, I thought 3 minutes is too long, then I thought it is too little, now I think it is enough time.   People talk too much sometimes but 3 minutes is a good amount of time to focus and express your views on a subject.  The idea is very good and is very useful for our society.

– I cannot describe the Darplay game with words.  It is like describing a feeling with words – this just isn’t right, it has to be felt.  It’s the same with Darplay.  You just have to play this extraordinary game.  There are no losers – only winners.

I am an example of Darplay’s influence.  In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but once I played it, I learned how wonderful the game can be.  That is why on Christmas I decided to play it with my family.  Let me tell you that when the Markov family plays an ordinary game, it usually happens like this: it begins with a little pestering, which escalates into a quarrel, my father gets mad, my sister gets cross with everybody, the game ends, and the scandal begins.

I would be lying if I told you that I thought Darplay would be different, but it was!  We listened to each other, we talked, and we laughed.  Darplay was really fun, light, and pleasant.  I was so surprised.  Darplay is a very different game – a game from a new generation.  This is like a delicious meal – even if you are not hungry, you’ll have some.

Even if you’re not in the mood for an ordinary game, you will play Darplay. During those three minutes everyone feels like a celebrity.  It is like interviewing yourself.  You think about many things which are so easily bypassed in the world today: your dreams, and the good things which you see.

You remember the good moments and experience them again.  You are drawn closer to the people around you.  You get to know them better.  In those short three minutes everyone is filled with 180 seconds of experience, attention, and joy again and again with each player and each question.  And that’s what you can’t describe with words.  Darplay should be played . . . and felt.